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Path Overview

Welcome to Nutritional Tech at Kroger! You will get to know your Instructor and your fellow Candidates, and then dive into learning about Kroger’s company purpose, mission and story. You will also learn about “Wellness Your Way”, Kroger’s new Health and Wellness platform that will help customers with all aspects of their personal health journey. Then, we”ll walk through your “workplan” – your day-to-day activities and activations, as well as your measures of success. Lastly, we’ll discuss how customer engagement and the dynamics of the grocery store are critical pieces of Retail Nutrition, and take a tour of the store. Each Candidate will get to share a bit about himself/herself, and we’ll discuss facts and fallacies and how nutrition has helped or hurt our lives. A full first day!

Skills Learned:
Company Purpose

This experience will teach you how to approach strangers in a welcoming, exciting and engaging way. A core part of your job will be connecting with people in the store, and much of the work begins before you even begin a conversation about Health and Wellness. You need to get Customer interested in you by first learning about them. You will also learn some fundamentals of operating in a professional environment, including proper workplace ettiquette, communicating with managers, the “P.I.E.” model, and discuss as a group what “Professionalism” really means.

Skills Learned:
Customer Engagement, Communication, Business Etiquette, Marketing

We will take a walking tour of the store to dive deep into Food Labels. You will learn about what everything on the label means, why it matters, and discuss how you can share that information with customers. Each Candidate will then be assigned a specific aisle to bring back two types of foods, one being a healthier alternative; everyone will then present their findings and rationale to the group.

Skills Learned:
Communication, Food Label Understanding, Nutritional Comp, Presentation Skills

We’ll discuss the fundamentals of good nutrition and how we can help customers use MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines in shopping around the store with nutrition messages.

Skills Learned:
Grocery Store Expertise, Nutritional Comprehension, Wellness Comprehension

In this Experience, you’ll learn the key strategies to cooking for a healthy lifestyle and practice your knife skills. Then we will talk through our Nutrition Activations on our Workplan, particularly Taste & Learn and Recipe of the Week. We will go over our Recipe Card process and strategy, and then pick two of the recipes to do together as a group, using the corresponding Recipe Cards to handout and educate customers on the health benefits of the meal.

Skills Learned:
Meal Preparation, Creativity, Communication, Cooking, Collaboration, Marketing

On this day, you will spend time with a seasoned Nutrition Technician learning 5 key things:
1. How to clock-in and clock out
2. Tips on how to begin building relationships with store management, department heads, Pharmacy and The Little Clinic (if applicable)
3. Digital Hour activation
4. Taste and Learn and Fresh Pick activations from prep to cleanup
5. General Q&A about the position and workplan

Skills Learned:
Customer Engagement, Communication, Nutritional Comprehension, Collaboration, Pharmacy Understanding

One of the most important factors that determines whether or not customers wil choose to shop at a grocery store is their perception of the freshness of the meats and produce. And, interestingly, picking the right type of meat or produce is also one of the most confusing parts of the customers’ grocery store experience. We will learn some general guidelines on Freshness, and then deep dive into our “Fresh Picks” activation using 4-5 produce items and our marketing materials. We’ll learn how to efficiently absorb then communicate the key messages from our Fresh Pick cards to customers.

Skills Learned:
Grocery Store Expertise, Communication, Nutritional Comprehension, Produce Understanding, Marketing

On this day, you will spend time with a seasoned Nutrition Technician learning 5 key things:
1. How to log into the store computer and any tips about using the store offices, as well as how to use Slack
2. Tips on how to integrate into Store Management and Promise Team meetings
3. Taste and Learn activation from prep to breakdown
4. Pharmacy Fair activation from prep to cleanup
5. RAD Rounds & General Q&A about the position and workplan

Skills Learned:
Grocery Store Expertise, Communication, Collaboration, Nutritional Comprehension, Product Marketing

We will be joined by one of our Dietitians and the Regional Clinical Director of The Little Clinic and learn all about the programs and the services they provide. You’ll learn the best way to communicate these programs – and their benefits – to customers. The more people participating in our health and wellness programs, the more measurable an effect we have on building healthy communities. Afterward, we will learn how to use both the Higi Machines and handheld/portable blood pressure units by taking each others “Numbers” and then discussing what each means.

Skills Learned:
Communication, Nutritional Comprehension, Collaboration, Total Health Understanding, Marketing

A guest speaker from Kroger’s Pharmacy leadership team will discuss the role Pharmacy plays in helping customers live healthier lives. We will also learn about the Pharmacy’s important role as a key driver of Kroger’s business, including the key services the Pharmacy offers. We then will talk through, walk through, and execute two different Pharmacy Activations from our Workplan (Daily Dose and Pharmacy Fair).

Skills Learned:
Customer Engagement, Communication, Pharmacy Understanding, Marketing

In this Experience, we will introduce 4 key digital tools/programs that will be key parts of your work as a Nutrition Technician: the Kroger app, the Opt-Up app, RAD Devices and Tech iPads. We will discuss the purpose of each, how we use them on the job, and any policies and best practices for each device. We will also discuss our Final, which will be a full Workplan activation on the last day of training.

Skills Learned:
Digital Device Understanding, Marketing

You will spend your FINAL day of your Path executing all activations of your Workplan as a team. Each person will be assigned two activations, and you will rotate during a full 2-3 block. We will invite executies from Kroger’s GO Headquarters to come watch you all in action! – Recipe of the Week – Taste & Learn – Fresh Picks – Daily Dose – Pharmacy Fair – Food is Medicine – RAD Rounds and Digital Hour

Skills Learned:
Customer Engagement, Grocery Store Expertise, Communication, Collaboration, Nutritional Comprehension, Total Health Understanding, Pharmacy Understanding, Marketing

Colleen Lindholz

President, Kroger Health

Jessica Hemingway

Nutrition Technician Graduate, Spring 2017