The 3 Most Important Things to Look for When Hiring a New Employee

The 3 Most Important Things to Look for When Hiring a New Employee

Besomebody, Inc. Founder & CEO, Kash Shaikh, speaks about the three most crucial factors to consider when hiring a new employee. Kash shared many insights about the job market, training, hiring, growth, and company culture at a career-focused Q&A Session in Houston, Texas. Kash speaks on these topics – as well as leadership and entrepreneurship – about once a month in cities across the country.

Besomebody, Inc. is a Cincinnati-based business innovation firm that provides recruiting, training, job placement, and additional services to Fortune 500 companies. The company’s Besomebody Paths training program provides selected candidates hands-on skills training resulting in guaranteed jobs with partner employers. Besomebody’s Partner Services division provides partner employers with a full suite of services, including business strategy, culture mapping, design, and content and software development. Besomebody was founded by former Procter & Gamble and GoPro executive, Kash Shaikh in 2013. The original #besomebody app – the world’s first experiential learning marketplace – was launched in 2014, scaled globally in 2015, and sold in 2017. The company’s Besomebody Paths program began later that year, and now enables thousands of Americans to get jobs in fields such as healthcare, hospitality, and sales. Besomebody began as Shaikh’s personal blog in January 2011, with a simple purpose to be a small spark that ignited the passion inside people everywhere. That purpose still drives the company today.



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